A-z Self Care

Many employers offer employee health care plans, though the wave of the future focuses on health rather than treatment in many new company-sponsored policies. There are even some who say health care is currently in the attack from politicians, many of them are promising re-vamped health care systems contingent upon election in 2008. Yet, most of the health care focus remains on employer-sponsored programs, platforms and changes which leave work at home professionals completely out in the cold.

When the focus is on health care policies offered by employers, the self employed still find themselves all alone. Those who work at home for themselves do not have an employer to fall back on, no company-sponsored policy to look after themselves and their dependents, no tax break for providing their own insurance. In fact, in most states the self employed actually required to pay an extra tax simply for being self employed. Work at home professionals find themselves paying money out at the end of fiscal year for taxes, paying money out monthly for the expense of maintaining insurance and paying ’til it hurts when it is a question of health care costs in general. The only option for self employed professionals is often individual health care policies. The problem with these policies is because they simply are not very good.

Individual health insurance policies are extremely tricky. Self employed professionals should proceed with caution before signing up. Some discount health plans are little better than scams, leaving working professionals very little coverage to show for their monthly payments. Many individual policies offer little to no office visit coverage. While the idea of ‘no co-pay ” might sound attractive it might also mean being liable for paying the bulk of each doctor’s visit. A great many of these policies include little to no prescription drug coverage at all, making a single pill cost $50 or more.

Affordable insurance coverage to people with pre-existing conditions is already available under the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) up to 2014. Individuals that were prevented from getting insurance coverage because of pre-existing medical conditions are furnished with the advantages of the insurance coverage without any medical undertaking under this provision. Newborns are also the right to have health care coverage under this plan.

Crazy Things About Self Care

When it comes to medical care for the self employed, there is still a lot of work to be done. The focus is on employer packages, not the health care policies which make it easier for individuals to work. Be sure to perform the research and be careful before agreeing to any individual health care policy. Sometimes, the minimal coverage that’s offered is not worth the full-coverage price.