Banned or Not? Verify with Google Banned Checker

Placing high with Google is a big help for your site. It is every web master’s dream to have a good ranking in the most popular search engine in the ‘Net today. What if one day, while doing a search in Google, your web site can’t be found in the results? Something must be wrong. It’s either you used the wrong keywords or worse, Google banned you. If it’s the latter you are worried about, then use the Google Banned Checker tool from Gscripts.

Google Banned Checker is a fairly decent SEO tool. It will analyze your domain from Google’s database to detect if the domain is banned or not. It’s so easy to use. All you have to do is to type in your domain name in the box provided then click check. Instantaneously you’ll know if it’s banned or not. If your domain is not banned, Google Banned Checker will tell you that it has found some results. This is nice feature yet the developers can improve on it. Instead of giving just the link of the Google search result, maybe in the future they can show it in the same page as well. This makes one less process for you. Google Banned Checker is a tool that does what it’s suppose to. It’s simple yet effective.

Google Banned Checker runs on most browsers. JavaScript must be turned on.