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Full Cranial Prosthesis aka Full Lace wigs are the latest development in hair replacement units, and are designed to address the special needs of any women suffering from long term, or permanent hair loss to medical conditions.

Androgenic alopecia and traumatic alopecia are one of the more common medical cause of hair loss in women. Okay, if you need even more answers; click LifeCell review.

However, it is the most frequent form of alopecia in women. It can begin as early as in the 20s. 40% of these women have noticeable hair thinning due to this condition by age 40. 60% of them have severe signs of hair loss by age 50. When this type of hair loss occurs, women usually don’t develop true baldness in the patterns that arise in men, as the regions affected are in the temples and crown prince of the head, while the front hairline is commonly preserved.

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Traumatic alopecia is a form of hair loss due to scarring of the scalp area. This form of hair loss frequently occurs in African-American women. To learn important hints about does Lifecell work, pay a visit to their post.

Hair loss associated with persistent use of tight braids, weaves, twist, locks, cornrows, or hair rollers. The first sign of traction alopecia is thinning above the ears and the forehead. This hair loss is often viewed in young girls. Partial or complete regrowth of hair can follow. However, permanent loss of hair can happen when the roots of the hairs are severely damaged.

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Damage to the scalp and hair shaft caused by commercial chemical products, like relaxers. It resemble hair thinning resulting from hereditary causes, but also include scarring of the scalp. This can irreversibly damage the hair follicles.

Gradual destruction of hair follicles by the excessive use of pomades with a hot comb or iron. Thinning usually begins at the state and then spreads evenly throughout the head. It is an irreversible condition.

Full Cranial Prosthesis aka Full Lace Wigs are an excellent solution to restore self confidence in women suffering from any type of Alopecia, as they’re designed and built to be the closest thing to one own real hair.

It is the most beautiful, natural hair replacement system imaginable. They are virtually undetectable because they’re constructed with a gauze-like lace material which makes it comfortable for extended wear. The hairline is secured with skin liquid adhesive or/and tape. When the lace is bonded to one own hairline, it creates an invisible hairline, making it look as if the hair is growing out of one own scalp. The hair of those unit are usually done in a 100% human hair, tied one strand at a time into that lace base. The gauze-like lace fabric used for the cap construction of that hair system is very sheer, so that it takes on, the approximate color of the wearer own natural scalp, provides proper ventilation while worn, and eliminates heat and moisture build-up.

Full Cranial Prosthesis aka Full Lace Wigs, are lightweight, ultra comfortable and undetectable! They look so natural, that even from a few inches away, it appears that the hair is growing out of one own scalp. This new and revolutionary hair replacement system can be worn for days or even weeks at a time. The hair can be colored, permed, washed, blown-dry, curled with a curling iron and style any way one like. They are so versatile, that they can be parted anywhere on the head, worn in a high ponytail, braided in cornrows, worn in an up do or any style chosen.

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